Monday, January 26, 2015

One more week of work & miracles!!

Ola Familia e amigos! Como é que vai?  

Hey everybody!  One more week of work and miracles!  This week went by super fast for me and we had and especially awesome Sunday here in the ward.  We had a frequency of 50 people yesterday, which for us lately is really really good!:)  It was awesome to see the chapel a little more filled up:)  We were also able to have 6 investigators there which was a big blessing and many of them with some great potential.  Also I got the happiest feeling during sacrament meeting as we watched the ward sustain Luisa, our recent convert of almost 2 months, as the relief society presidencies 2nd counselor!  She is going to do so well with that calling!  Luisa is amazing, she has already shared the gospel to Beartiz who ended up getting baptized as well and also Luisa brought another friend to church yesterday!  She is such an awesome instrument in the hands of the Lord she will be a great second counselor for the relief society!  
Just to let you all know Thomas did not end up getting baptized this last Saturday because at the last minute on Friday his boss called him and he had to leave to the sea to go fishing and won't return until next friday night.  So his baptism will be next saturday and we are going to go there early in the morning to make sure that he doesn't "misbehave" ;)  Really Thomas is such an awesome guy and as he applies the atonement more and more in his life he will become a strong priesthood holder.  
I really really love this area and it has been awesome to serve here with Elder Ricci but I have a feeling that I will be leaving this next coming monday seeing as I have been here for 6 months or so but we will see maybe I am supposed to stay!  
Anywho know that I am well and that I keep you all in my prayers and many of you by name!  Prayer is such a powerful thing and is a wonderful way for us to know better the mind of God.  Or be it, prayer is not to change the will of God but to harmonize our will with His.  He will guide us and give us more confidence in our choices as we seek to every day speak with our Father in meaningful prayer.  Like in Jacob 4:10 Wherefore, brethren, seek not to counsel the Lord, but to take counsel from his hand.   
Prayer is power.

With much love in our Savior

Elder Eldredge

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