Monday, January 12, 2015

Brandon LOVES octopus!!!

Brandon's response to some questions about his pictures: "Ok just to respond to some of your questions really quick
In that sauce:  It is funny you should ask It depends on who makes it but it always has some sort of whiskey or beer in it so that adds a good touch;) (alcohol cooked off;)) but other than that i think just some tomato and water I am not really sure but the taste is really good!  I need to learn to recipe and make it when I get home! (there also has to be something online jsut look up francesinha sauce all the ingredientes should be there)

That octupus:  LOVED IT.  It was my favorite Christmas dish!  Seriously it was made really well I am sure you all would like it.  it is super expensive too!  Like 60 euros for one octopus! (decently sized, feeds a family)

I will for sure send more picures of the organs!  there are tons! I can't believe Alexis is getting home...  wow tell her Hi for me!;)  How are things there at the house what are you all up too?  Thanks for the pic!:)  Tell dad I WILL get a letter sent to him!
Love ya tons!:)
Elder Eldredge


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