Monday, January 5, 2015

I know that as we trust in God, He will lead us where He needs us

Hey everyone I hope everyone is safe after the new years parties and what not!  This week was alright for us.  Many people were still out and about during the holidays so the work was a bit slower and harder but still rewarding.  The story that I wanted to share with you all this week is our miracle that happened on Saturday that was a testimony to me of both the power of prayer and that the Lord guides his work.  So we had an appoinment saturday night that was about an hour away by foot of pretty much evrything.  But they were new investigators with some good portential so it was more than worth it and was a pretty solid appointment.  We get all the way out there knock on the door and they said that they still didn't read what we left them and tghat they were eating dinner so it would just be better to come back tomorrow.  So... here we are away from everything and it is about 7 30 or so at night and not many options to do.  I turned to Elder Ricci and said... well what should we do.  First thing he said was pray.  I felt power in his simple answer and agreed that that was the best thing we could do.  So we stopped there in the middle of the street while Elder Ricci offered a wonderful prayer asking for guidance on what we should do.  We finished the prayer and I honestly didn't feel anything strong pulling me to one fixed idea so I asked Elder Ricci what he thought and he said well Beatriz was that first name that came to my mind.  There were one hundred and one reasons why it was not the most logical choice to go all the way to her house seeing as she lived about and hours walk away and we had just talked to her a while before and she seemed well and excited to go to church the next morning.  Despite all the doubts and reasons not too we followed Elder Riccis prompting.  WE came and found a very broken different beatriz.  She was crying and crying expressing doubts about herself and about continuing the effort to be in the church.  As we sat in her home and conversed with her and her husband offering counsel and comfort I knew she needed us that night.  They day after she bore her testimony sharing that she was about to give up on everything in the middle of these thoughts we knocked at her door.  She said after we left she felt she needed to open the Book of Mormon.  She found the strength and peace she needed to go to church the next morning and bear her testimony of the Book of Mormon. 
I know that as we trust in God he will lead us where he needs us.  be wherever we may be in our lives on a mission, in high school or looking for a wife or career or whatever.  The promise of Alma 37:36-37 is real.  "Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings....and He shall direct thee for good"  I am grateful to be His servant and His instrument.  Never forget the importance of prayer or the Book of Mormon together they give us power to overcome all of lifes swerves and curves.  

I love and miss you all.  Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

With much love in Christ,
Elder Eldredge

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