Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Meeting with the mission president & his wife


Hello everyone!  I had a great week of many counsels given and many things that I need to work on to strengthen my faith and testimony.  On tuesday me and Elder McColley went up to Porto for our leadership mission council where we recieved many counsels and directions from President Amorim on how to find more new investigators.  He said to us, "One thing you guys know how to do really well is teach with members!  You have great ratio of total lessons and how many of those members are present with the missionaries.  BUT (the grand but) you guys do know how to  find new investigators."  haha it was very direct and he had every right in saying it!  That has been one of my big struggles my entire mission!  So he will be coming to santarĂ©m on friday to give the zone a special training on finding new investigators through members.  

Then after that I got sick.....  Nothing too bad just a pretty sore throat with a headache and a cough.  I had to stay at home for a while on Wednesday but then by thursday I was decent enough to go out and work.  The work went slowly this week and we weren't able to find a ton of new people who are interested.  Although a man walked in just now while I have been emailing you asking for help from the Church to get his life back in order so we will be going there this week to have a good chat with him:)

Then obviously this weekend was general conference!!  There were many awesome talks given, how about that one on a Mother´s love by Elder Holland.  That talk I am sure made many moms around the globe feel really good, it made me appreciate better my mom:)  I received specific direction as well from a few of the talks that were written to answer specifically many of my questions.  It is amazing how that works out.  I especially like the talk that Elder Lawrence gave inviting to always find ways to be better and to follow the simple and sometimes challenging whisperings and promptings of the Spirit.  But that if followed will bring a consecrated life and will prepare us perfectly for the next stage of existence!  Many many great things were said.  What were some of your favorite impressions, what things are you going to apply?  

I would love to get an e mail just of the things that you all liked from conference and the impressions you had!
Anywho other than that nothing super exciting unfortunately happened this week.  Just an alarming call from the sisters early in the morning when they thought someone had broke into their house but turned out to be nothing in the end.... haha it scared us but luckily it was a false alarm!

I love you all tons and tons!  Be safe and be happy!
Elder Eldredge

this picture doesn't really do the justice (as it was taken by our "hidden photographer") But this is when we sang at the bus station

and this is the Mauricio family one of the coolest most awesome families I have ever met on my mission!

Heyoo! (From 9/28/2015)

Hey family and friends!  Some stories and miracles for you guys this week:)  IT HAS BEEN A TIRING WEEK.  Holy cow we were trying so hard to prepare Catia for batptism as well as care for other necessities of our zone.  On Thursday night we had to go to Carregado (an area in our zone) to do a few baptismal interviews for this really cool family but the Dad didn't get home from work until like 9:10  so we were there quite a long time and by the time the interviews were over we didn't have a lot of options as far as trains and buses and transportation go.  And we don't have a car at our disposal so we had to wait until 11:10ish for a train and didn't get back until 12:30 and finally we got to bed around 1:00 That may not sound bad too you all but I will tell you if you miss a few hours of sleep as a missionary it takes quite the toll.  I was just exausted the rest of the weeked with all the rest of our tasks and duties.  So that wasThursday.  Friday we planned out a fun bold thing to do in the morning and then in the afternoon we had Catia's baptismal interview.  So after that all happened and passed we decided to exeecute our plans to do something bold like the missionaries of old.  We went to the bus station at the busiest waiting time (like 6:00 for everyone going home from work/school) We stood in front of everyone and began to sing Praise to the Man, me and Elder McColley.  Then after the hymn Elder McColley quoted with the voice of a trumpet 3 Nephi 5:13 adapting some of the words to apply to us and after that I came in shouting at the top of my lungs and holding up a picture of the first vision testifying of the truthfulness of that divine vision and inviting all to hear what we had to say.  Then us and the Sisters passed out about 100 or so cards to everyon that had heard.  No one accepted to hear our message at that time but I hope that we made an impression and planted a few seeds.  If nothing it strengthened my faith and courage.  My mouth was trully filled and I felt the hand of the Lord.  It made me think that that is how Ammon and Aaron and Alma and all them must have preached!  So it was pretty great experience.  We have a video of it so when I get home I can show it to all of you guys:)

Also Catia was baptized this last Saturday and confirmed on Sunday.  She really has a good desire to change her life and she is actually the one that started coming to church on her own.  She has a lot of difficulties but I know that she took a step of faith in the right direction for sure.  Truly another miracle before our eyes.  

Thank you for everything I love you allll!:)  Sorry got to go!

COm amor
Elder Eldredge