Monday, January 12, 2015

Mais uma semana maravilhosa!

Hello friends and family!  I hope you all had a great week!  I had a very tiring week.  It is good because it means we worked hard and we did!  We were able to find a lot of potential investigators and also start teaching some new ones that have some great potential.  I noticed a bit of a difference in my work this week.  I truly tried to start every day with a prayer in my heart promising that I would do anything he wanted me to do to be able to find those you are ready to accept the gospel.  As I did this his hand was shown many more times than just once.  We were out tracting one day and happened to contact two people brother and sister and I found out that HE had been investigating the church a while back and was actually going to church pretty regularly but lost contact with the missionaries and never was baptised but by the end of the conversation they were kind of in a hurry and the sister turned to us and said "sorry we really do have do go right now but we WILL be talking to you guys more next week"  She left us her number and address and we will be visiting them this week.  I was about to pass them by on the street, focusing too much on our next appointment but I remembered my commitment to do ANYTHING so last second I stopped and talked.  That is just one little example of the mini miracles that I have been seeing.  I know that we are instruments in the Lords hands... we ALL are not just the missionaries.  We are all instruments it is true but the question is "are you one of the dependable tools of the Lord?"  Are you living in a way that when he needs someone to be an answer to a prayer, can He depend on you to do the job?  Can he trust you?  Think of any instrument that we as humans use, instruments of music or woodworking or whatever it may be, we use the instruments that will do the will of his master.  If you have two pianos available but one is completely out of tune and the other is nearly flawless which one are you going to use to perform for audience to play your carefully written and planned masterpiece?  The Lord uses those that He trust's will do His will and i am coming to know that personally here on my mission.  So my question is.. Can he trust you?  Are you living in a way that He can call on you at any moment to fulfill parts of His masterpiece?  That was kind of my spiritual thought for the week! 

Well today we spent a lot of our time and we will even go right now to our friend Thomas whose Mother passed away this morning.  Very sad especially for him who will be left basically alone now but our recent converts Luisa and Beatriz are doing a wonderful work with helping Thomas and also as us and them did a little service by cleaning Thomas's house.  basically our recent converts are truly amazing and full of love, it makes me so very very happy!:)

I Love you all and hope you stay happy and full of faith in Christ!:)

With much love

Elder Brandon Eldredge     

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