Monday, January 19, 2015

Faith is Power

Hello family and friends this week I will share just a few things as today we spent most of our time in Viana and we do not have much time to write.

The faith of Children is incredible.  There is this little boy named Samuel here in the ward and last week he got a pretty high fever and some other symptoms of what looked to be like the flu and was not feeling very good at all.  We got a call from his Mom to see if we could give him blessing (her husband is not married and so does not have the priesthood in the home)  of course we gladly accepted.  We went there and Samuel wasn't looking to good but still had the cute little smile on his face he always has (he is 6).  We gave him the blessing and soon after appeared to be acting better.  They said thank you and his mom said to us... "Samuel had a high fever and wasn't feeling good but turned to me and said.. Mom call the missionaries I know that if they give me a blessing I will get better."  That is when she called us.  Come to find out, his symptoms has all disappeared completely including the fever and the cough the very next morning.  That is faith, trusting in the power of the priesthood without any doubts.  I was very humbled and reminded of another example of powerful faith in a child of my little sister Cami.  We used to always say, if you need something from Heavenly Father ask Cami to pray for you because when she prays things happen.  It is beacuse of the faith the she prayed with.  This is faith.  I was very humbled knowing that many times children have such greater faith than we as adults.  It also goes to prove that we truly need to think about the scriptures that say "become as a child".  You kids out there are powerful!:)  It was such and awesome little experience to be a apart of that grew my testimony and also that of his mother's

IN other news thomas is now on track to be baptized this coming Saturday so we will be working with that in mind all this week!:)  

Love you all lots and lots!:)  Be happy and have faith in Chirst!:)

Elder Eldredge  

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