Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bon dia todo mundo!! :)

Hey Everyone how are you all?  Just another week in the neighborhood it sounds like which is awesome!:)  This last week was a little slower for us than usual which was sad but I am hoping this week with new transfers we will see a boost in the work!:)  So yes transfers happened last weekend and I also had to go back to Lisboa to do my residency.  It was a very long process and me and my new companion didn't get back to our area unitl about 11:30 at night and so it was obviously very late to do e mail.  Also yesterday we had a ton appoinments set up and didn't allow us much time to do any e mailing but now we got a bit of time!:)  So yeah I am staying here in Póvoa and Elder Davis left.  He was a great comp and I learned a great deal from him!  My new companion is named Elder Ricci.  Elder Ricci actually has one less transfer in the misson than I do so we are both pretty darn new at this and so we are going to be praying a ton for help!  I hope I don't absolutley destroy the work here haha that is my goal so we will see what happens.  Elder Ricci is still having some troubles with the language and so I am having to lead all the lessons and conversations which is a little different but it is going to be good for me to learn how to lead!  But yeah Elder Ricci is awesome!  He is from Provo Utah and once again I am blessed because he loves Lord of the Rings!  What a testimony builder that God knows his children:)  Haha but anywho the thing that we are struggling with here right now is trying to help people understand that there is only one true church.  For some reason almost everyone here (besides the JW's)  pretty much believe that every church is the same and they all lead to the same place in the end!  It is kind of frustrating but I know that with time the Spirit can change their hearts!  I guess that highlight this week was that Elder Davis bought a george foreman grill type thingy that he plans packing around portgual for the rest of his mission!  Haha I though it was the greatest thing ever!  I will send pictures but yeah hmmm what else.  I am super excited for conference this weekend and I really have learned to treasure up the words of modern day Prophets.  Maybe becuase the magazines are the only other thing I can read besides the sciprtures but really their words are jsut pure power!  I love reading all the talks!  I kind of realized it as I was looking through the house and found a GIANT stack of Ensigns and thinking that everything there inside was scripture for our day!  We are just so blessed to be in the generation of the restored gospel!:)  Let us not ever take it for granted!  But anywho I hope you all have yet another great week!  Glad to hear our football teams are doing awesome (Go BYU e Tooele!!!) Make it a great week!:)
Com o amor deste homen fantastico! 

Elder Eldredge:)

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