Tuesday, October 14, 2014

From across the Ocean

Hello everyone how goes it?  Just a quick update I am doing just fine and I am feeling more confident in the language.  It ireally is true when you hit about six months it all gets smoother!  WOW 6 months... I almost can't believe 1/4 of my mission is up... that scares me!  Anyways This week has been one of the longer weeks for me here on the mission.  It seemed as if all of our most important appointments were falling through and we weren't finding any new people to talk to.  One of our investigators that I thought had the most potential sent us a message saying that she would rather not meet with us for a while and that she is not ready for this in her life...  Just so heartbreaking to feel so great knowing that someone is right on the edge of accepting the fulness of the gospel and then they fall.  As a missionary I think I am coming to realize more of the love that God has for us.  And how much it hurts Him when we turn from the path that He knows will bring us the everlasting happiness that He wants us to have.  But then after that a miracle did happen this week.  Without us saying a word Thomas called up one of our members saying that he needs a ride to church and that he is done with his addictions and wants to become a man.  I am praying with all my energy of heart that Thomas can do this.  He has so much potential and he knows that if he conitnues in the path that he is leading in his life he will be miserable and lose everything.  I was impressed with the strength that he showed and I praying that he can really overcome these present addictions in his life and gain a testimony of the Atonement of Christ thorugh which all things are possible with faith on His name.  Church was great this week, Thomas was the only one out of 5 people we had committed but I decided to be thankful for the one that was there instead of beating myself up for the ones that didn't make the right choice.  I still felt bad for them but I didn't let it ruin my Sunday.  We had a lesson this week where we showed the video "Because of Him".  That video brings me to tears every time.  If you haven't already seen it watch it, and if you have, watch it again it is probably the most powerful 3 minute  video that I have ever seen in my life.  Truly Because of Him we have peace, because of him we have second chances, because of him we are strengthened in the darkest of times, and because of him we WILL be with our families forever and we WILL see his face.  We all will stand before Him.  And I know that I will weep when I see Him and I want to live my life in a way that He can say "Well done..."  I love my Savior.  I am absolutely amazed at the love He has for me and that love is what keeps me motivated to try and give something back to Him.  He lives.  This is the testimony in me, in His sacred name Jesus Christ. Amen.
I love you all and I remember all of you in my prayers!  Remember who you are, and remember the Atonement.
With much love,

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