Monday, October 20, 2014

Saving a cat, broken shoes & I love sea food!!

Hey everybody one more e mail here from the good ol country of Portugal!  This week went by a lot faster than last which was great!  We had a wonderful sacrament meeting last week and I gave my second official talk!  I felt it went well and received many compliments.  I am just glad the Spirit was there in the room to accompany my words.  Haha I also got a lot of the youth making jokes about a few of my pronunciation errors.  So in the portuguese language they have a sound that doesn't exist in english and so it is usually very hard for americans to say it correctly the sound is called for when you see the letters "lh" in a word and the best english equivalent which still is a bit off kind of like the "li" in million but it just really isn't the same and during my talk I had to use the word colheita (or harvest)  a lot so they all had a good time with that;)  It is keeping me humble so that is good:)  But anywho we aslo had many fun adventures this week.  We were rushing home one day trying to get back in the house on tuesday after a lesson went a bit long and the sole of Elder Ricci's shoe ripped and we couldn't help but laugh at the whole situation and he had to walk really funny to compenstate for his broken shoe!  Also another night we saved a cat from a stone wall..  I am not sure how he got in there but we couldn't just leave him in there to die so we shimmied out some stones to let him free.  What else.... hmm We are seeing a lot of good progress with our investigators and I hope and pray that the Lord works miracles in their lives to give them motivation to baptism but not only that but real true conversion to the Savior Jesus Christ.  So yeah the work is going well!  I am really developing a love for the people here in this ward.  The members here are truly awesome people and modern pioneers here in this country!  The church isn't the strongest here right now but I have no doubt that the Lord will fulfill his prophecies given to us through the prophets saying the Portugal will be the lighthouse of Europe!  SO awesome!  the mission really does change you!  First evidence of this is that I am a true fan of sea food now....  Yeah I know weird.  BUt we had another dinner in a house of an investigator and the appetizer were these little shrimp things and I was kind of scared at first because if you have ever seen the bean movie when he is chowing down that shimp thing they looked exactly like that.  But I tried it and absolutley loved it!  I really do love a good fish plate!  Haha also I was talking to our good friend here David and we made a little deal and whenever he wants to visit the states I told him he his welcome to come to our house and we will take him on a boating trip!;)  Also I can come to his house and he will teach me how to surf!:)  It will be great!  Anywho the mission is nothing but adventures and learning!  I am loving it!  I am remebering an interesting story that was told to me by my last companion when his dad's friend went to be a mission president some time ago.  He had an interview with some important general authority and the new-to-be mission president was asked "what do you think you purpose is as a mission president?"  He responded "uh well baptize and grow the church in my area!"  The general authority(I can't remember who it was) looked at him with kindess and said, "Nope. you're wrong.  Your purpose is to help these boys (missionaries) become men."  I thought that was very interesting but also very true.  I can already tell that the mission will be the best two years for my life.  Anywho sorry this letter is kind of short and maybe a little boring but know that I love you all and wish you all a great week!  Stay courageous be happy and read the Book of Mormon!:)  

With much love
Elder Eldredge 

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