Monday, October 6, 2014

If you really go to work & do the things you know you are supposed to do, having faith in Christ, He makes up the rest.

Hey everybody!  ONe more e mail here from Portugal!  These week was aboslutely awesome mainly because we got the opportunity to hear from the prophets from our day!  I don't think I heard a talk I didn't like but I did notice some patterns of caring for the poor and the law of the fast.  Also about gaining your own personal testimony which I though was a great message.  The tesimony of others can oly take you so far... love it.  I also loved the message of Elder Uchdorf... "Lord is it I"  maravilha.  And Elder Scott talking to us about family!  I just adored conference this time and I think even more so than i did in the past.  They really are scriptures for our day that we can study ponder and apply in our lives each and every day!  I loved hearing that Elder carlos something rather speak in  Portguese.  I wish everyone here spoke like that....  He just spoke a very clear pure form that was so easy to understand!  I loved it!  Poeple here int the north where I am at tend to talk with closed mouths and super jumbled but I love them anyway!!  Haha also it was awesome to see some familiar faces in the choir!!  Haha a few from our ward and the famous Jacob Vanderwerken!!  Haha it was great!  But anywho this week has been an adventure for sure and I know that the Lord continues to look out for this area that I am in.  I was super nervous in the begginning thinking about how we are both so new here in the mission and I didn't know the area well enough that I would blow it.  But really if you just go to work and do the things you know you are supposed to do having faith in Chirst he makes up the rest.  that is a true promise.  We met this lady named Irene this week who was super super awesome.  She was super curious and even shared a quote out of one the pamphlets we gave her with a coleague at work saying that nothing has ever touched her so deeply or so true.  I hope that we can conitnue to work with her to help her embrace this gospel.  When we were talking with her she just seemed like the next great releif society president or young womens leader!  Man I hope we can continue to help her.  We have also been talking with this lady named Andrea.  She is a little crazy but they still need the gospel too!  She is saying that demons are inside her house and that she can feel them inside her stomach and weird things like that...   Haha a little strange but she says that she knows that we are men of God and are stronger than the influence in her home.  But our visits with her usually go her screaming at us for about 20 minutes about how crazy her life is and then suddenly chagning and complimenting us including things like Eldler Eldredge I want to marry a man just like you...  Haha yeah she is quite the character but I have noticed throughout our lessons that she has calmed down a bit and is really embracing the power of the book of mormon right now which is awesome!  Yeah I am really liking everything about the mission right now.  I miss all of you at home for sure but honetsly there is no other place I would rather be.  It is hard work and my faith and testemony are tested daily but I always feel something inside my driving me forward.  I can feel the groweth that I am making spiritually and it is absolutley amazing.  I love the idea that was presented in Conference that testimony growth is really like that of a tree, it grows with care and nuturing and grows surely but almost imperceptably.  So true.  There hasn't been a day on my mission where I just woke up and felt a giant gain in my testimony or character but the growth that have noticed looking back is sure and real.  It is awesome and I can't wait to see where I am when I get at the end of these two years!  thank you all for the wonderful recipies and goods and I can't wait to try them all!:)  And also introduce the poeple of portugal to america!:)  haha I love you all so much and I am grateful for the prayers each and every day.  Know that I pray for you and miss you all.
Stay strong be courageousand continue to nourish your testimonies daily!  This is how we gain spirirtual power!
send me all your favorite parts of conference!:)

Elder Brandon Eldredge

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