Monday, September 22, 2014

I love the old Portuguese ladies here! They call us beautiful and clean young men!

One more week passed!  I hope everyone has a great week or made it a great week!:)  It was a good week here in Portugal for us!  Really we had some great things happen.  I will start by telling you all this story that strengthened my testimony.  So I don't know how much I have written to you about Familia Maia.  They are this family of Gypsies, the father was baptised but has since been excommunicated and they also have a daughter who is a member but is less active.  Anywho we found them randomly on the street a week or two ago and we started teaching them a lot this past week.  We went there I think it was on Wednesday and something just didn't feel right.  When we were teaching the Spirit wasn't really there and it just felt weird.  Not a lot of the family members wanted to participate and we could tell that there was a conflict between some members of the family.  So anywho we are teaching and near the end the Mom walks in and hears about our testimonies and the closing prayer.  After the prayer the dad was telling the mom how we can give preisthood blessings of peace and comfort and maybe that would help.  She agreed and we were of course happy but we expalined that it will work acording to your faith, do you believe this will help?  She responded with a firm yes and we then gave a blessing.  The blessing was great but it didn't appear to affect her too much.  So we left and went back to the apartment with plans to return back the next night.  So the next day we got a call From João (dad) and he made sure we were coming over and told us that a miracle had happened.  So that night we went over there and he told us the story.  Mirisa (mom) had been passing through some very rough times with financial problems and also some other threats against her brother and other things.  She was very stressed and that night was a very bad time.  She was in bed and didn't want to move until she said that she prayed to God asking her for help and she got a prompting to come into the room and listen to us.  Then I think it may have been a little after we left and gave the blessing that some conflict started in the house and it got to be too much.  This Mom (who also has diabetes)  that night tried to take her own life by taking 100 units of insulin.  Enough to put her into a coma and kill her.  Seeing this the husband ran her to the hospital immediately.  The doctors did tests upon tests.  They cam back and asked her.  Mirisa, what are you talking about?  You didn't take any insulin, she became very confused and her and her husband told the doctors that they were sure that she has taken it.  The docs reported that there were no changes whatsoever in her blood sugar levels.  And they said that if she really had taken 100 units she would be dead.  She was super confused with what was going on until she remembered the blessing that we gave to her.  She said she felt a power touch her and she knows that it was because of our blessing that she is still living.  Now I am not sure exactly what happened with all of this but I do know that The Lord is in charge and he will put us where he needs us at the time that he needs us.  It was a very powerful thing to me and I am too very glad that she is still living!  Anywho they all went to church yesterday and we are going to keep working with them and help them resolve there problems so they can return to the church!:)  Anywho the time I have is already up but I just want to say a few more things.  I love the Old Portuguese ladies here.  I love it when we walk away from them and they call us beautiful and clean young men:)  Keeps me going:)  the portuguese people also like my freckles:)   Yeah they are great:)  OH Also thank you all so much for the quotes that you sent me on faith I lovec them!  Now to my next request!:)  IF you have any REALLY good recipies for chocolate chip cookies and brownies that would be fantastic!:)  I love you all make it a great week and Be Strong!:)

I love you all!
Elder Eldredge:)

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