Monday, September 15, 2014

One more week passed in beautiful Povoa!!

Hey everyone! Well one more week passed here in beutiful Póvoa! I don't have many great stories that happened this week but it sure has been fun! We did I division and I was with one of the Elders that went into the MTC with me so that was fun to spend a day with him! He talked to a lot of people and sometimes we would just go up to people ans say hey we are the elders and we are her to baptize you! Haha we actually got a few addresses and phone numbers by doing that! It was great! I have been reading a lot about faith lately and it is very intresting to me and I have a hard time wrapping my head around what is true faith and how can I show my faith better! It is a very interesting thing for me! Anywho that was kind of random but if any of you have some good thoughts on faith I would love to hear them!:) So this week we were walking on that division and all of a sudden this girl stopped us and was like are you the mormons? We were like uhh yeah! And she started talking about how she had been baptised and what not and then she invited us to come to her house and meet her family! So we were walking and we waked into this building that Elder Davis was telling me about a few weeks back where this guy lived that was super strong in the church went to the temple and everything and then he was excommunicated for some reason I can't remember, I think maybe he tried to create his own Church. I remembered something that Elder Davis was telling me about this man, that he had had an accident where half of his face was burned with acid or something. But anywho we walked in and I didn't think anything of it! So we go into the house sit down and start talking to some other members of the family and what not and a few minutes later in walks this man. Soon after I noticed the scarred tissue on the right side of his face! It was him! He was very welcoming of us and let us sit down and we taught the whole family about the Restoration again. Come to find out he has wanted to come back to church for a long time now but he can't really get to church very easily becuase they lost their car. He started telling us that his only desire is to get sealed to his family in the temple! They are actually a really awesome family! We are going to continue working with them for sure and see if we can get them back on their feet and enter the path. But the funniest thing about this whole thing is their son. His name is Leandro and I am telling you he is the perfect Portuguese replication of Porter! Absolutley the same other than looks and language. He LOVES us every time when we leave he asks if we will come back and to bring him a present! Yesterday he even went to church without the rest of his family (they were up late taking the wife to the hospital) because he likes us so much! Haha it is really sort of uncanny how much he is like porter! I love it! I love you too PORTER!! Haha oh one other thing we challenged thomas this week to not take any tobacco or anything with him to the ocean (he is a fisherman) and to be baptised this Saturday I reallly am hopeing that he will have to strength to overcome all of these addictions and really change his life! Anywho! It has been an adventure so far and I know that there is a ton in store ahead!:) I love you all so much! Have a great week and Remember to always be happy and don't give up! With much love!:) Elder Eldredge:) Excuse my many spelling errors:)

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