Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Elder Davis and I both love Megamind!!

Hey everybody!  I hope everything has been going good for all of you back there at home!  Nothing to worry about here I am doing just great but I appeciate and love your prayers!:)  Also remember to include the families of those missionaries that have passed away within the last few weeks.  That is absolutely tragic but it is conforting to know that they are continuing there mission on the other side but remember to inlcude those families in our prayers.  This week was good for me.  I will admit it was one of the harder weeks but I was amazed that as I repent daily for my mistakes I can feel the strength of the Savior.  I had my first interview with President Fluckiger this week!  I sure do love that man, he is so loving for this country and for this amazing work.  He inspired me to work harder and offered me the counsel to always make sure to act rather than be acted upon.  Interesting counsel that I think we should all ponder.  So this week we met with a guy named Thomas.  He is a fisherman and so he goes out on fishing boats during the week so we only can meet with him on the weekends.  He is having lots of problems right now and is really seeking help to get free of some addictions that he has.  I know that he can make it and I just want him so bad to really feel the feeling of freedom and peace that the power of the Atonement brings.  He is an awesome guy and you will all hear more about him I am sure!  

Something this week that I really have been thinking about and trying to apply is letting the Lord build me into the person He wants me to become.  A lot of times because of pride or fear or other motives we can get in the way of the work of the Lord.  I think maybe it is because we get down on ourselves and depressed during hard times and wonder why we are going through trials.  The thing we have to realize is that we as humans have a very narrowed perspective.  We tend to see things in the present and maybe anticipate in the near future and so things may seem like they will never get better or we feel like we don't deserve such things.  The Lord does not have such a small perspective.  He truly sees things in the eternal perspective and how little things now make a big difference in the end.  He knows what lessons we need to learn to reach our great potential.  the thing I have been contemplating and trying is how can I let the Lord mold me better every day so taht I truly can become what he wants me to be.  As you all can tell I still haven't organized my thoughts well and maybe I didn't make any sense but oh well!  Just trust in the Lord.  He knows you.

Anywho me and Elder Davis are getting along just fine!  Another thing that we found in common is that we both love megamind!  We have been quoting it a lot back and forth and it has been quite fun!  HE is really knowledgable and is teaching me a lot!  

Sorry taht I wasn't able to send pictures again I promise I will send some next week we already ahev plans to walk down by the beach next Pday so I can get some pictures!:)

Oh one more thing!  This young man came to church yesterday that is a son of a member but never has been baptised and is smoking... (it is really sad here how so many people start smoki ng so young)  He is 16 but he went to the FSY (efy for portugal)  He had a incedible expereince so hopelfyly we can talk to him too!:)

I love you all so much and I hope you all safe this week!:)

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