Monday, September 8, 2014

Another week down!! Had a lady put Holy water from the real River Jordan on our heads as we left her house!!

  Well there went one more week!  I cannot believe how fast the weeks go by!  Anywho time is short!:)  So this week was definitely a week of trying to find people we just don't really have a lot of progressing investigators and so we are trying to find some poeple to teach!  It has been a little harder and people just seem to be rejecting us but I know that there are those who are ready!  The hard part is finding them!  So this week we went to This guy named Nuno´s house and we talked with him and his family.  His wife is like super catholic and said that if we weren't americans she wouldn't have let us into her house!  Haha but after the lesson she was a lot more nice and open and even put some of her Holy water from the real river Jordan on our heads!!  Haha it was very interesting!  Also we were walking along and we found one of our inactive recent converts in the road sitting on a bench we were talking to him and he started telling us the story about how he met the girl he is with right now.  What he did was he put 50 fliers around town on la posts and things like that with his phonenumber and basically just saying WANTED:  WIFE  haha and then he showed me the text he got from this girl that he is seriously dating now!  Pretty funny!  WE talke to thomas again this week unfortunately he wasn't able to stay away from smoking agin this weekend we really just tried to focus him on 10 years from now and how instead of being a helthy 50 year old he is going to have the body of an 85 year old man that can barely breathe!  He is really a good guy I hope we can help him out!  Another guy we talked to this week, his name is Joe, he lived in america for 40 years but then got deported after he went to prsion.  He was very interesting and tried to convice us that he was Jesus.  He was fun.  And also this week in Church we had something pretty cool happen.  One of the members brought one of theri neighbors to church and during priciples of the gospel class we were talking about the church in general and at then end all of the memebers in the class went around bearing testmony of what the church means to them.  IN the end this friend, Luisa, just buried her head into her hands and started crying.  Afterwards we talked with Luisa and her member friends and we are hoping we can set somthing up sometime this week!:)  
Well anywho I hoope you all enjoyed the pictures!  And I can't believe it is already time for conference again here soon!  Before you know it Chirstmas is going to be here!   Anywho a few more things for you all!:)  This week I really learned the imporance of a journal.  Keep a journal.  We had some rough times this week and something that gave me the most streangth was going back and reading a few of my spirritual experiences that luckily I was smart enough to write down:)  You never know when you are going to need those experences again and this way, it helps you remember so that when time of trial and tribulation come you can have that anchor that you really have had true experiences with the spirit and how strong your testimony really is!  Anywho my time has already come and gone but I love you all very much and hope you all have a great week!:)  

Com muito amor

Élder Éldredge:)

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