Monday, August 4, 2014

First baptism!

Hey everybody!  It seems like I get less and less time each week to write!  So anywho I will get right down to it!  So this week was good, we started teaching Vasyl this week and I am happy to say that He was baptised this past Satuday!  He is from ukraine and is living on the streets right now.  He is awesome and told us how he was praying to God to find something that would change his life, withing minutes he walked into our sacrament meeting on Sunday.  Miracles are real!  He doesn't really soeak super good Portuguese so it was hard at times to teach him but even with the language barrier he still showed his desire to enter into the water of baptism!:)  Unfortunately he was not confirmed on sunday because the time that he gets food from the charity center was during sacrament meeting and so he came late but we will talk to him and he will get confrimed this sunday:)  It was truly awesome!  Also as you know I am in sort of a college town.  The city it dead now, eveyone left for vacation and a lot of people won't be back until september!  We were talking to members on Sunday and they said it is always like that... The city dies during the month of August!  So yeah it is pretty weird not seeing many people in the street or park or things like that.  So yeah it is crazy that I only have like two more weeks left of this transfer!  Where does time go?  Haha it is awesome though and I am loving every minute!  There have been lots of challenges already and so I am learning a lot!  Just make sure that all of you are making good little habits every day like reading the sciprtues and prayer.  These two things alone if done every day bring you more spiritual protection than most other ways.  Whether you are young or old, General Authority or deacons quorum president, you need to feed yourself and strengthen youself spiritually every day.  There were a few times this week where I wasn't able to get a good morning study in....  Those days when I would try to talk the words wouln't come out and I didn't have the spirit with me super stong.  Always always always, feed youself spiritually!:)  Anywho this week will be a week more of pictures than anything when I get time to send them!  I hope everyone is doing great back at home and having a good summer!  Live it up while it lasts cause it will be over before you know it!  Be strong be courageous be happy:)  

Elder Brandon Eldredge

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