Monday, August 25, 2014

"If anyone out there is a little down just remember that the Savior will never. ever. forget you...ever!"

Hey everybody!  Well there went one more week!  This week went by a little longer but they always do at the beginning of the transfer!  I am really liking my area and I already just have a good feeling here!  I hope I can stay here for a while!  ONe of my favorite things to do is just when we walk along the side of the beach on our way to appoinments!  It just lets me relieve a lot of my stress that I have!:)  It is absolutely great!:)  It is also funny to think that you guys are all just on the other side of the water....  a lot and a lot of water, but still fun to think about!:)  But yeah my new companion is great!  We are a little different but it is definitely going to be a good transfer!  We have this family here and the Husbands name is David...  Their son is on a mission right now but the parents still aren't baptized.  But he loves the missionaires we will go over twice a week and talk with him and eat dinner and stuff I am really excited to get to know them really well and become really good friends with them!:)  But yeah this week in church I had to go up and give a little introduction of myself being the new missionary there and all and I got a lot of very nice compliments on my Portuguese.  I think it is probably one of those situations where it was so bad that people feel like they have to complement to to make you feel better;)  Haha just kidding. Like I have said before it realy feels different every day some days I feel great others I don't feel as confident and some days I feel back at day 1!  Haha it is definitely a roller coaster like everyone says!:)  But I am super excited to be in this area and I hope I can leave my mark here and make some sort of a difference.  that is something my bishop in my last area said, wherever you go you will leave your mark.  It is your decision what kind of mark that is.  I hope I can make it a good one!:)  But anywho this week has been a little longer and tiring like I said, we have a bigger area here and we walk a ton more!  Also when I was in training I had a few more study hours than I do now so I am getting adjusted to the regular schedule and what not.  But this week I found an awesome scirpture in DeC fica no versiculos 7-9 just some awesome scriptures that helped me when I was feeling a little down talking about how everything we endure is for our good and then saying that the Savior went below all are you greater than He?  Really a good question and something that we all need to remember is what the Atonement can do with it's enabling powers.  So if anyone out there is a little down just remember that The Savior will never. ever. forget you...ever.  He is there and the things he is putting you through today are preparing you to be the person he wants you to be tomorrow.  And if you let Him he will help you through it and when the clouds and storms clear you can look back and see just the kind of person that he has made you.  You can see how he was there throughout all the ups and downs encouraging you and cheering you.  I love my Savior more than anything and I hope you all remember Him in your daily thoughts.  What he did no other man could do and he did it for you.  Never forget that!  I love you all so much and I am so very very grateful for your strong support!  Have a great week and remember to be strong be courageous and be happy!:)  
With much love
Elder Eldredge!

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