Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Everyone is leaving for vacation so it is super dead here

Hey everyone!  This week has just kind of been another week!  It is getting super dead here in the city becuase everyone is leaving for vacation.  really it almost feels like I am in a ghost town!  BUt anywho so there hasn't been like anyone on the streets!  But anywho also my comp got sick again over the weekend so we didn't get very much done!  But yesterday Vasyl came again at the end of church and so we took  him into the office andpulled up google translalte and told hime that we will have lunch for him at the end of church but he needs to be here for sacrament meeting to get the Holy Ghost!  He said he would so he should be here next week on time!:)  He is awesome!:)  So this next week is the last week of the transfer here.  I am thinking that i will probably go since my training is over but we shall see.  I am honestly happy with anything that happens!  So I got a few questions about how the Portuguese is coming.  It is weird.. there will be days when I am like oh sweet I like know another language this is cool and than others it is just like... uhhh what the heck are you saying to me!  I hate it when I can't communicate I jst get so frustrated.  I think that this transfer I am learning the most about patience.  Something that I really need to work on!  But though the language and other things the Lord is definitely teaching me how to be patient!  But anywho you prayers are helping immesnly with the language and it comes better every day and I know I am where I am right now because of all my spiritual support back at home!:)  Holy cow can you all believe that summer is almost over!  Where in the world di that go?   Are all the kids ready to go back to school??  Weird!!  Anywhosorry this week I didn't have much to say!  This next week I will work super hard so I can have some awesome bear wrestling stories next week!:)  I love you all tons and make sure to be strong be courageous and be happy:)  Amo-vos!

Elder Brandon Eldredge

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