Monday, August 18, 2014

Gave my first priesthood blessing in Portuguese!! Transfer time...I hate goodbyes!!

Hey there!  How goes things back in the great U.S of A?  Things here are great!  First Miracle Vasyl came to church finally and was able to be confirmed!  It was great and the first time I have ever given a priesthood blessing in Portuguese!  It was great, thank you for all of your prayers and support!  The ward is going to start providing meals so that he can attend sacrament meeting each week!  Awesome awesome!  Also this week was transfers as many of you know which means I don't have a lot of time to write and such but i left Coímbra and it was sad me and Elder Phillips actually became super good bros...  I called him today to check up on him he loved it haha, yeah it was hard to say goodbye.  Also we were at familia Cruz´s house last night (the first family I ever ate dinner with)  and They all started crying which made me cry... ugh it was rough I really loved that ward there and those people!  I HATE GOODBYE'S!!!!!!!   Anywho I got transfered to a city called Póvoa de Varzim!  It is right next to the beach and has a great feel to it here!  I am super stoked but sad at the same time...  My new comp's name is Elder Davis and he is from Provo Utah and he loves Lord of the rings so I think things will be just fine for us! Haha anywho I will be able to write more and stuff next week and I am so grateful for all of your prayers of love and support!  Also shout out to Cami for winning the soccer tournament!!!  You are awesome Cami!:)  Alrighty I love you all and we'll see ya next week!:)
Elder Eldredge!:) 

My new address is:
1 Andar Centro
Póvoa de Varzim, Porto District 4570-441

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