Monday, July 28, 2014

Not every missionary can say that they go and visit with people who are being investigated for murder...

Hey all!  So this week was pretty normal just going about our missionary lives!  It was interesting, so that one day that I went out with the new Elder we found this lady that was like crying and asked us if we said prayers and we said yes and then she asked us to pray for her mom, anywho we thought she had a ton of potential and so we went to her house and started teaching her, btw she was wearing the biggest cross I have ever seen and I am pretty sure is giving her scoliosis anywho, everything was going really good, and then we found out that her mom is in a nut house because she killed like 20 people and this lady that we were talking to was being investigated also, by the police for murders and stuff...  Haha we didn't know this until after we were in her house... Kind of freaky haha but a fun time.  Yeah after that things just kind of went wack in the lesson.  So that was good.  What else can I tell you guys about this week  Also we had a big combined party with the other ward here in Coímbra.  It was a fun time we played a bunch of games with everyone and had a dude come and play guitar for us and had some great singers;)  you will all see next week when I can get the videos to you guys!:)  But yeah, another thing that was kind of sad was the sisters were supposed to have a baptism a few days ago but it got cancelled literally an hour before the baptism, the sisters were pretty sad so we all went and ate at mcdonalds to eat our sorrows away.  It was pretty fun:)  except for the baptism that fell through.  That was good but then the day after that was my birthday!  Wahoo!!!  Haha I always thought that birthdays wouldn't be very big here or whatever, but it was awesome!  The sisters surprised me with a birthday lunch after church and we all ate and it was awesome and then that night we ate a bishops and they all sang happy birthday to me in Portuguese,  you guys will get all these pictures and stuff next week since I don´t have my camera with me right now.  But yeah it was a good birthday!:)  Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes in your hearts!  It is all rolling really good here!  Alrighty sorry this week is kind of boring but i hope you are all having a great summer and I promise there will be pictures next time!:)  Eu vos amo!  Tenham uma boa semana!:)

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