Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New companion is a BYU soccer player! I miss celebrating the 4th of July!!

Hey family and friends!  So this week was the last week of the transfer.  Which is why I wasn't able to write yesterday because my comp was on a plane the whole day coming in from the Azores.  So now I get a little time today!  So yep my first transfer came and went!  How crazy!  I now am with Elder Phillips he is super cool and dedicated.  I am nervous and stressed right now because I have to know the area really well and plan all of our days an stuff because Elder Phillips does not have a clue about the area.  It has gone alright so far but it is still the beginning of the week so we will see what happens.  Elder Phillips has complimented me a lot on my Portuguese he said that I speak super good and he can't believe how much I know.  This is weird to me because with Elder Jacobson i felt like I knew nothing.  But as soon as he left and I HAD to do it I realized how much I have actually learned!  Like I was able to set up some good appointments for this week with members there.  But I still know thatI need a lot of work and practice.  i don't have a lot of time to write this week but something cool about elder phillips is that he plays for the BYU soccer team!!!  Maybe after the mission he can get me in;)  haha i am kidding but that is sweet ins't it?  Anywho also I never realized how much I love the 4th of July until i was here and didn't celebrate it.  All the missionaries here in my ward were from the US so we dressed up in red white and blue stuff so it was pretty awesome but still there weren't any celebrations or anything like that:(  I truly love that day but I hope that all of you loved it and didn't take it for gratned because some of us iddin't have it!!!!  Haha just kidding but yeah it was fun!  Time is going by fast and I can't believe I am already in my second transfer!  keep praying for me esecially in this time where my comp doesn't have and idea what is going on and I am still a greenie!  Haha but honestly I am loving the mission.  there is no other place in the world I would rather be right now even if I could.  I am excited to work and super happy to be here!  I love all of you guys and I promise I will write some cool stories next week!  Everyone be good and be missionaries!
Wearing our patriotic attire!! :)

One of the last pictures of me & Elder Jacobson

Love Elder Eldredge!:)  

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