Monday, July 14, 2014

Segunda transferença!!

óla amigos e familia!!  I hope you all had great weeks this week!  Mine was definitelt interesting to say the least!  First of all, I am sure you all know my first companion here died (finished his mission and went home) last transfer so I was bound to get a new comp, which meant that I was going to have to know the area and our investigators as well!  It has been stressful because I am not the best at organizing things in the first place and along with still not knowing the area super well and still not speaking super good Portuguese it has been rough because at times when our appoinments fall thorugh and we have bad days I feel like it is my falt that the work here is not better.  But yeah I am defintely learning a lot and I wouldn't learn it this fast any other way but I definitely am benefitting from all of your prayers!:)  So this week we talked again to Lurdes, she still doesn't have the confidence in herself to quit smoking, we tried to pump her up and then we gave her the new challenge of 26th of this month, she accepted it and so we are going to work our hardest to keep her progressing towards her date.  Also we started talking with a family from Africa this weekend.  We went in and they were very hospitable and offered us some food and juice.  So we go into the kitchen and there is just cooked pig leg on a stand right.  The dude just starts cutting of strips of this pig leg for us to eat.  It was actually pretty good, it kind of reminided me of jerky but different haha, it was pretty darn cool.  They are awesome we are going to continue to talk with them for sure, His name is Cândido sick right?  But anyways also yesterday we decided to walk down to these very humble houses that we saw the other day.  We walk down there and as sson as we get down there like 50 kids come out of nowhere just saying gimme gimme gimme gimme.  They wanted everything!  So we had like 3 cards that we gave them and they raved over them!  And then the parents come out and we kind of start talking to them and stuff but it was just the weirdest thing.  Then after my comp tells me that theya re gypsies and that there are a ton in Portugal.  Aparently it is a rule that they have to go to church for 6 months before they can get baptised because they will all just join to get money.  It was weird but also kind of cool.  I felt like I was in africa!  Anywho I promise I will start writing down the things I want to include in my letter each week so they are focused and longer.  But anywho I love you all tons!:)  Hope you all have a great week this week and make sure to tell Ally happy birthday for me today!!.)  Tenham uma boa semana todas!!!:)  Eu vos amo!:)
Élder Éldredge

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