Monday, July 21, 2014

I ate octopus...and liked it!!!

 Streets of Portugal

Cool stuff we get to see on 'P' day

The Moura family
They are Brasilian and I absolutely love them!!

Gabriel Moura...he is awesome!

On my way to visit the gypsies

Hey everybody one more week eh?  This week was pretty interesting.  We had a lot less lessons than ever but we has a ton of new investigators that we found!  It was awesome, one of them his name is Djayson, he is a Jehova Witness and we went to play some basketball with him, after that he went home to his mom and said I played bball with two Americans and one of them is like super good!  I don't mean to gloat or anything but he was talking about me haha.  SO that was fun, he is awesome!  Also I had an opportunity this week to go on some slpits because my comp had to go to a meeting.  I ended up with a new missionary that came in the transfer after me!  It was kind of fun and I felt like a trainer for a while telling him to contact people and leaving him out to dry instead of the other way around!  Haha it was awesome!  Portuguese comes better and better every week!  I am understanding a lot more but I still am no where near perfect yet!  I had to give a talk in church on sunday for my first time and I was super nervous, but after the bishop got up and said Elder Eldredge is a living testimony that the gifts of God are still on the earth today.  I really have recieved everything from God, there is no way I could know this much this fast without the help of the gift of toungues!  It is real!!!  This week too I have felt the Spirit testying through me more, it really is a great feeling walking out of a lesson or something knowing that you taught through the Spirit and that is so important!  Also something cool that Happened this week, we contacted a bunch of homeless guys from Ukraine and invited them to church, sunday came and they didn't come which wasn't a huge surprise but then towards the end an old dirty guy walked in, he was another friends of the other guys.  They told him about us and he wanted to go but he didn't know where the Chapel was.  He said that he prayed to God to find the chruch and he found it!!  I will update you more next week after we teach him a little bit this week:)  Speaking of Ukraine I had no idea that a plane got shot down this week that is so crazy!  Keep me updated on all this stuff!;)  haha Anywho i don't have much time!  BUt last thing!  I ate OCTOPUS this week!  It was actually pretty darn good but it definitely was scary when they brought out a big plate of octopus legs!!  Anywho I love all you guys so much and I am so thankful for your prayers!:)  Até proximo semana!:)

Elder Eldredge

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