Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Atonment carries us!

Hey everyone!  One more week in the mission field!  There wasn't anything too much different other than I went to our leadership counsel that we have every month with all the Zone Leaders, Assistent to the Presidente and Sister training leaders
It was a great and inspiring meeting where I felt the spirit super strongly!  I absolutely love President Amorim , his faith and example really motivate me to be my best.  Even though he is tough with us, it is all to push us to reach our potential.  His main message for us was that we had a really bad month in October as far as number results go, but he stressed the ĩmportance that just because we didn't do well today donesn't mean that tomorrow we can't do amazing.  There is a need for opposition to teach us and help us grow and deepen testimony and faith.  there is a video that has come to be one of my favorites out here in the field called the Atonement and missionary work.  Elder Holland is speaking and speaks in a way that touches my heart with such power that every time I watch it I am brought to tears.  He speaks of why it is so hard....  Why isn't any easier?  Why can't people flock to the font and our only problem be that of pnemonia because our missionaries never leave the water?  Isn't there another easier way? He says these are questions that a 19 and a 20 and 21 year old will ask because they are also things that Elder Holland has asked.  He then gave his personl thoughts to answer the question.  He answers that Salvation is not a cheap experience.  Salvation was NEVER easy.  As he speaks those words images play of the Saviour suffering in Gethsemane.  He explains that for the Living Son of the living God it wasn't easy so how can we calling our selves follwers and disciples expect it to be any different while we walk the same path.  Not saying in any way that anyone will ever pass what Jesus did or even close but every missionary and investigator on their road to salvation will have to come to know a little and turly just a little of how Jesus felt.  So when we ask those questions of why isn't it easier?  Why dont our lives go the way we plan?  Isn't their and easier way we ned to remember we are not the first ones to ask that.  Someone a long greater..... and a lot better than anyone of us pleaded "take this cup from me" as if to say is the no other less painful less sorrowful, easier way?  And for Jesus there was no other way and so perhaps for us there won't be either.  But that is the way it is suppposed to be. OUr lives and our existence.  It is more than a superficial pass here on the Earth it requires something more than that, something of the soul as for us to become something greater.  And so for this we can know that wehn we are rejected when we are spat upon when we are humiliated and tired we can know that we are walking side by side with the greatest missionary who ever walked on the face of the Earth our Saviour Jesus Christ.
MY Friends and family I know that this work is hard.  Really hard.  BUt I know that I am walking side by side with my Captain and King.  I have felt his hand and HIs grace uphold me many times on my mission.  I know He is there and is helping us to climb heights up heavenward on the path of progression.  We will fall,  I have fallen many a time, but I know when we get back up and keep going we bring the smile of heaven down upon us and that He will enable us to be and do good far more than our own capacity allows.  SO trust in Him.  Excercise you faith this week and I promise you will feel HIs power and be more converted.  I love you all so much and these are the thought I wanted to eleave you all with for this week:).
Com amor
Elder Eldredge
ps all of these things can be easily applied to all situations not just missionary work:)

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