Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October 19, 2015 New Companion

Hey everybody!

So this week was my first week of work here in Gaia.  It is a pretty big and busy city so that is different than most of the areas that I have had plus we have the downtown part which probably makes it seem so different!  But anywho I met this week a lady named Gloria.  She is an italian lady that moved here a while ago and has been investigating the church almost 7 years but never has been baptized.  She is unlike anyone I have ever met, her personality is very hard to describe.  She is very strong in her opinions and very straight with her words... she is kind of intimidating.  Anywho the Elders had told me about here long before I got there.  Anywho we had our little lunch hour there and then she invited her Baptist husband that is a brazilian to give a spiritual message.  But you know as missionaries we also wanted to have an opportunity to get our word in there too.  The Elders had told me that she usually doesn't invite the Elders to give the message and especially not out of the Book of Mormon.  Anywho I, already having this in mind, was trying to think of a way to have a chance to speak.  So when the time of the message came I had an idea.  i casually asked, as her husband Marcos opened the bible to give a message, "Gloria, what is you favorite story in the Bible..."  She answered and then I asked Marcos the same question, he also answered.  Then just as I had wanted Gloria asked me... Elder Eldredge what is your favorite story...:)  Then I took advantage of the opportunity to share with them my favorite story of Jesus and his disciples on the bank of the sea of galilee after his resurection.  When he asks peter 3 times... "Do you love me?" and the lessons that we take from that story.  i used many ideas from Jeffrey R. Hollands talkcalled "the first great commandment".  While I was speaking i could see a light in both Gloria's and Marcos's eyes.  As I testified of conversion love and service I was on the verge of tears, but the sweetest part was to see tears streaming down Gloria's face as I spoke.  I know she felt the spirit in that moment.  Later after the conversation was over she told me that no other elder has ever spoked with such feeling and power as I did.  Now I am not saying this as to brag or boast because I have given that same message to various other people all with different outcomes in the end.  I know that I was sent here for a reason, I know that I have something to offere the work here.  Ever since that day Gloria has invited me to do the thought and many times tears have been shed.  I have made a strong connection with Gloria very quickly, I have strong feelings that because of the love I have for her I feel that I cannot leave this area without seeing her be batized.  It will not be easy, she has had 7 years of being taught by very powerful missionaries.  but something different was felt on both ends, I don't know everything but I will do all I can to fulfill my purpose through her.  She is amazing!
keep us in your prayers we have been having trouble finding new investgators, we would love some extra prayers on this behalf:)
I love you all! my scirpture this week is    Proverbs 15:1  A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.
Elder Eldredge
p.s.  This is a picture of me and my companion.  this picture has also a story, we are trying to contact people in diferent ways so we asked someone to take our picture and then after talked to them about the restoration:)  We are smooth!

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