Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Hey there everybody!  This week wasa great test of faith that pushed us to our limits to strengthem our faith.  Last week (so like two weeks ago) we didn't find a single new investigator.  We did not like that so we did a lot of planning on what we would do to change that.  We decided that we needed to try some new things.  So as we were sitting in our companship study I was thinking and I got an idea that came a little from my curiousity....  Let's do a survey!  My companion liked the idea so we started with this idea... well the lady in the internet store just told us the place is closing soon so I have to stop:(  BUt just know we did a cool short survey to do contacts in a different way and because of it we found 6 new investigators this week!  It was an aweome experienced acompanied by a fast so it was a great testimony builder to me of dillingence and faith!  
We also marked a man for baptism this week for the 14th!  His name is juloi and we have to get him married and quit smoking but we will do it for sure!
Love you all!  sorry about the short letter!
Elder Eldredge

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