Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Lord has truly put blessings in our path

Well this week has been full of work!  I have never worked so hard on my whole mission!  OUr mission President gave us the challenge of 60 contacts per day.  Me and Elder Gomes had a habit of doing only about 15 contacts per day.  We used excuses to excuse our lack of work, like we have traveled a lot and that has made us really tired, we had to go to the chapel to take care of zone stuff, our it was too hot outside and other things.  After a great training and a personal interview from our new mission President Amorim both me and my companion felt that we needed to repent and change.  Our President took us aside and said, "Elders you have a leadership postition, but that does not make you leaders.  There is a big diference between the two.  You have to BE a leader to make a difference.  You have to work harder and be the example for your zone.  He taught us many things inlcuding the parable of the talents (which is a parable of leadership), and also in missionary work it doesn't work like this.... "There are 10 people in front of you and you pray to the Lord to tell you which of the 10 you need to talk to".  He told us he doesn't believe that is how it works.  He taught that you have to talk with all 10 of them and the Lord will guide to you the ones that will accept only after you have shown your faith and desire.  With that teaching he challenged me and Elder Gomes to complete 60 contacts every day.  We also decided to go the extra mile and set a goal of 75 contacts per day.  I will say that it was not easy at all, even many days we fell short contacting only 43 or 38 but we were able a few days do 70 and 63 and 58.  Me and Elder Gomes many times divided and contacted two people or familias at the same time. Things like ok I got the family on the bench you go get that dude over there.  This was nonstop many days until the last minute of the day.  I got home completely whipped but witha giant peace in my heart knowing that we did it.  Those are some of the best feelings in missionary work, feeling that you did what the Lord would have you do.  We showed the Lord our faith and our true desire through our nearly quadruple amount of work that we were doing before.  The Lord has truly put incredible blessings in our path.  Inlcuding 2 new families to teach and many more new investgators found.  Also the Lord blessed us with 2 baptisms this Sunday of the two friends of our Recent Convert Joaquim, that had previously denied even the thought of baptism and out of nothing accepted the invitation.  We had the Spirit and testtified with His power.  We saw miracles, we worked hard, we suffered a lot of fatigue thirst and weakness.  But we felt His power, His hand, and His love in our lives.  This week wer were truly on the Lord's errand the whole week.  I love this work and my testimony grows stronger and stronger of the divinty of it.  The Savior lives, this is His church, and the church is being restored on the earth before our eyes.  I love you all and wish you a happy week!
Thank you all for the birthday wishes!:)
With much love
Elder Eldredge

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