Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Another great week!

Hey everyone!  This week has been great and fun!  This week really flew by we had a lot of things to do!  We had a lot of preparations to do for the ward barbeque that the missionaries (us) put on the for the branch, and you think that it would be simple ya know, food, barbeque, fun, water fight and stuff like that but it was almost like pulling teeth to get people to come to the activity!  It was kind of amazing to me because in the first place the branch hadn't done any activities at all this year.  But anywho It was super crazy I will tell the story really quick.  We had it all planned out super well and we came to the chapel at about 8 o'clock to start setting up for the activity to start at 11.  So 11 comes around and 1 person shows up.......... But I still had a little hope beacuse I am sure you all know what "mormon time" means so I had hope that people would keep showing up.  12 rolled around and 1 more person showed up........ that made 2 (not including the 4 missionaries).  Sweet!  We had a whole bunch of acitivites, food, and stuff and 2 people showed up.  SO we started making some calls to people who lived close to see if we could get some more people.  With a little luck we got a few more people that said thay would come!  Then our investigator Ana (who had been gone all week) called us said she was back and that she wanted to go and just need a ride!  So we called another member to give her a ride and he ended up bringing his family too!  Little by little we a had a good amount of people at about 12:30ish which wasn't too bad!  The acitivty turned out to be really good for those that came and the barbeque was super yummy too!  but anywho the story gets better.  So people keep showing up at like 2:00 and there were tons of people there during the time to eat (naturally) and we were all having a good time.  We had been so caught up and worried about our activity and getting people there that we forgot that the sisters from a nearby city told us they would be having a baptism at 4 o'clock in our chapel.
When I saw the sisters show up with their investigator and all the members that came my heart dropped.....  We forgot to fill up the baptismal font!  The font is pretty darn big here and it takes like 2 and a half to three hours to fill up.  Haha whoops.  They weren't very happy for obvious reasons and so we turned on the font and we all got buckets and hauled them back an forth from the outside spigot to fill up the font faster.  Haha I will never forget filling up the font with buckets. Anywho we were able to do it all in about 30 or 40 minutes which was no near as long as 2.5 hours.  It was crazy but it ended up good.  The lady got baptized and our investigator Ana (that is on track to be baptized this sunday) was able to see a baptism and she got excited as well!:) So anywho it was truly a crazy day for us missionaries but in the end gave good memories to remember. 
Anywho I don't have much time left but I wish you all well and hope you are all happy!:)
COm amor 
Elder Eldredge

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