Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Carlos got baptized!

Hey everyone!  This week was great!  And I am super happy to say that we saw Carlos enter into the waters of Baptism this week!!  It was really awesome to finally see him take this step!  It was a good fight to get him there.  many times I was super sad our discouraged because of some decisions that he made but all of that was worth it to see this moment!   It is so awesome to see people from many different backgrounds accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ and changing becuase of the things they learn, it is a great joy that you feel when you see that, anyone who has participated in the work of salvation.  
Also we had a awesome week this past week.  One of the young men in the branch named João Barata (17 years old)  served a "mini mission" with us this week!  He stayed with us the whole week and lived as if he were a missionary!  I have some good respect for him!  I don't know if I would have been able to do that when I was 17! I think and hope that he had a good experience and he for sure helped out a lot with his testimony in our lessons! 
Anywho we are doing well keep up the prayers for us!:) here are some fun picutres!
Com muito amor

Elder Eldredge

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