Sunday, August 16, 2015

Remember our spiritual experiences! (From August. 3rd)

Hey guys!  This week was good!  Not as good as our last week, we work our tails off maybe a little too hard we were dying this week but we will for sure be better this coming week! 
I am doing well and happy.  transfers happened and me and Elder Gomes will be staying here another transfer (halleujah!)  I really like serving here with him.  Not too much news to report.  We are teaching this lady named Ana right now.  She has got the cutest little kids and they love us!  ONe is named Carolina she recently overcame and won the fight with cancer!  She is an awesome little girl I will get a picture to you guys soon!:)  BUt Ana really has been prepared for a long time to hear us.  She even told us when she saw us in the street she had the feeling that she needed to talk to us but right at the last minute decided not too and she would talk with us another day (adversaries whisperings).  Luckily Elder Gomes contacted her and she was super surprised and glady accepted to recieve us in her house:)  She is progressing really well and has a great desire to be baptized.  She just needs to quit her habit of smoking, I have faith that she will.  Right now she is on vacation (a big trial here in portugal during the month of august) but when she gets back we are going to get her in the WATER!:)  I am loving the mission more and more.  I really hope that I can reach my potential as a missionary, I know that the smallest decisions I am making right now are going to deterime in large what kind of person, husband, and father I will be in the future.  and that gives me motiviation to press forward with faith:)  
As far as a little spiritual message.  Lately in my studies I have been noticing and pondering a lot about the word remember.  This could be the most important word in the dictionary!  The only way someone that received even the smallest testimony falls away is because they forget about that experience.  Satan does not want us to remember our spiritual experiences because he knows they will gives us strength.  IN our times of trial and hardship many times we don't even think to remember the ways the Lord has helped us in the past because we are to caught up with the present problem.  I love the example in the sciptures of the Eben-ezer in 1 Samuel and the Standard of Liberty that Moroni put up.  These things were made to help the people remember the blessings of the Lord and how His hand had touched their hearts and helped them in the past.  IF you are passing through hard times, try to remember your spiritual experiences.  Read your journal. Go to the temple.  These things will help you to calm down and give a better perspective on the situation.  This exact process has helped me many times on my mission so I know it can help hany of you!:)

I love you all so much and wish a great week for you all!:)
With love
Elder Eldredge

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