Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Scary, crazy story!!

Hey everybody one more week of work and miracles!  Right now we are still having some troubles and our faith is being tested for sure but without the trials our faith doesn't grow right?  Elder Bennett is also a really postivie kid so it makes life a little easier as well!  I hope am not ruining his mission with how I am training him!  We will see.  It is interesting when he gets to where I am on the mission I will be going home!  That is weird.  Anywho I just wanted to tell you all a story that happened this past weekend that gave all some of our members a bit of a scare. 
So basically ON saturday night we go to sleep and I wake up at about midnight to our Stake president with his son at the foot of my bed screaming Elders Elders!!!!!  When I woke up he clenched his chest and let out a huge sigh of relief!  I was all confused wondering why in the world are you guys here right now.....  He kept saying oh my gosh you guys scared us sooooo bad, are you alright?  Yes we are alright what is going on is what I said back!  Then the ower of our house that lives above us comes into the room and has a similar reaction to my conciousness and lets out the same cry of relief.  Almost to the point of tears.
So obiously I wanted to know the story, so they proceeded to tell me that they had tried calling us and calling us and we didn't answer.  I had accidentally left the phone in the other room after our daily planning session.  And it was in that moment that I realized I forgot to call our district leader that night to tell him how our day went.  And I started understanding what had happened as I looked at the phone seeing many missed calls from OUr district leader zone leaders President Fluckiger stake president and also the member that lives above us.  
SO they told me this story.  So when the missionaries couldn'ty get ahold of us they called president because they were worried.  President then called our stake pres to see what was wrong and the our stake pres then called the lady that lives above us.  So this lady gets this call and The stake pres says to her, don't hang up the phone and go tell me if the Elders are ok, they came home right?  she told him yeah at about 9:30 ok well go check on them we can't get ahold of them.  So she went down and banged on our window (which we do not remmeber at all) but we didn't respond.  She got the spare key and knocked on the door, no response, waked in the house and shouted our names, no response,  she walked in knocked on our bedroom door, no response.  She went into our bedroom and found us laying in our beds and she said she immediately ran out of the room because she thought of the worst case and didn't have the courage.  So the Stake pres is on the pnhone with her all this time and says wait there I am coming right now.  So he grabs his son and heads to our house they walk in the door turn on our light and he shook my leg and I finally woke up.
They had all thought that maybe the gas had been left on or that we had got carbon monozide poisoned or something like that but when we woke up he told us that is was one of the greates reliefs of his life knowing that we were still alive and just fine:)
So yeah we scared the life out of a few of our members........ whoops learned my lesson there.  But yep everything is just fine and the members have a story to tell.  I just can't imagine how Elder bennett felt, having never met the stake president before that nor does he understand portuguese very well,  I can't imagine the confusion that was going through his head!  
So yeah that is my fun story for this week!  I don't have much time we played some american football on the beach today with 4 other Elderes and got pictures and videos taken of us I will send you pics next week!
Lvoe you guys tons!
Elder Eldredge

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