Monday, June 23, 2014

Ward Party, Baptism coming up & soccer!

Hey everybody how goes it!:)  It is awesome here in Portugal once again!:)  The weeks just go by so fast I can nevere really remember what happened!  First this Satuday we are having our first baptism with Lurdes.  She is amazing and has so much faith and has shown so much faith I can't wait!:)  We also found this couple that we have taught once and they came to church and really are starting to embrace the gospel!  It is amazing to see that change to start withtin them!:)  This week we had a ward party and everyone brought a bunch of foods from different countries.  We of course made brownies:)  But I tried blood rice there and it wasn't that bad acutally.  It wasn't that good but I didn't hate it!:)  All of the members are really nice and I love eating dinner at members houses!:)  even though they stuff you until you can't walk it is good for me to practice my portuguese:)  Speaking of that, my language is coming along, I guess I didn't notice how much I know until I went out on divisions this week witth the zone leader who is from Cape Verde and I was able to communicate with him pretty well:)  I still have a lot too learn and I am so grateful to my heavenly father for what he has already blessed me with!:)  We are working really hard every day and I am so grateful that I got a good first companion!:)  Something that I learned this week was that when you study the Atonement of Jesus Chirst, the desire within you to share the gospel grows.  My mission president taught us this and the day that I decided to try it out I noticed a huge difference in my day!  It is amazing how just a half an hour study on the Atonement can change your attitude for the whole day!  I challege you all to study the Atonement a little every day and see the difference that it makes because I know it will!:)  So yeah that was something really cool!:)  

So Portugal and the US tied.  Darn, ties just are so unsatisfying...  I kind of wanted the US to win because this guy in our ward always talks about it!  It would be cool if we could watch it but I doubt I would be able to focus at all after!  But we met up with some members today and played some soccer it was super fun!  So it is interesting, in america every park has like a basketball hoop right?  here they all have little soccer fields!  It is sick!  And our chapel has one outside too!  I love Portugal!:)  It is a great experience to be here in another country!:)  Anywho I am about out of time again and still not even close to responding to everyone!!  I love you all and thank you for all your prayers!:)  Keep strong to the gospel and remember to have our Savior in your thoughts always1:)
Com muito amor!

Élder Eldredge!:)

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