Monday, June 9, 2014

"I have eaten more this week than I have ever in my entire life!!"

Hello everyone!  Holy cow I have a lot to say and not very much time to say it!  I am so blessed to get so many emails from everyone so it takes a lot of time to respond so i am sorry to those that did not get a response from me this week:(  Anywho this week was full of work and adventure and I can't believe that it has already come to an end first of all the language. It gets better and better every day!  I still cannot understand 100 perecent of what people are saying but if I had to put a percent it would proabbly be like 35-40 haha so still not very good but I can definitely feel the difference now than from day one!  Also the speaking is getting bettter day by day as me and my companion try to speak it throughout the whole work day!  So yeah it is hard but it is coming for sure by the gift of tongues!
Portugal is awesome!  I have eaten more this weeek than I have ever in my entire life!!   We ate at members houses like 5 times this week and when you eat at members homes ........ you eat.  So I hope that I can get fat!  But before every meal they always have soup.  the soup is amazing!  along witht the bread as well.  And then they bring out the main dish.  I had this dish this week called Carne de Portuguesa, it was freaking delicious!  I haven't tasted anytrhing that I haven't liked.  Me and my companion made fried salmon this week. Was amazing and I hate fish!  But it was truly awesome!  So yeah I love Portugues food!
Also this week has been a week of work!  We walk a ton every day and it is hot for one second and then raining the next!  It has been fun though! It is so beautifil here!  This week we have been focusing on finding new people to teach.  We pray every time we enter an area that we can find that people that are ready or the elect as we call them!  It is amazing the difference one simple prayer to God can make all the difference in finding someone!  We have a lot of people that we can teach right now and are hoping that most will progress to baptism.  we have one lady right now that is set for the date the 28th of June!:)  realy exciting!!!  Also we have many others that we are looking to mark soon!:)  I am sorry that this letter is not very good I will manage my time better next week!  But it makes me so sad and frustrated when people say they don't have time to talk with us.  I wish they could just feel what so many members of this church have felt. 
Sorry that I didn't include much!  But just know that I am doing awesome and I love the support I get from home!:)  
Oh I just found out that I am "killing" my companion which is fun.  so yeah he is going home after this transfer.  He is sad but excited at the same time!  That is weird he said that I will be where he is in no time which scares me ecpecially because this week as flown by!  Before I know it it will all be over!  Oh to answer some quetsions we do our own cooking and it is usually really good.  Also we have a washer but they don't have dryers in Portugal so we jsut hang our clothes old fashion style!:)  
everyone remember to be strong and be missionaries every day!  Remember how good the gospel is for you and share it with others!  
Alright I am out of time now but I want to leave you with my favorite saying!  Fica Fixe!  (fika feesh) Stay cool!:)  
I love you all and again I apologize my letter wasn't very interesting this week! 
Eu vos amo muito e meu orações são sempre convosco!

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