Monday, June 30, 2014

"So yeah we contacted a naked guy (how many missionaries can say that?)

  Hey family and friends como vai?  Everything is awesome here and I can't believe I am almost done with my first transfer!  I have learned a lot and I definitely still have a lot to learn!  So first off, this week the funniest thing happened.  We were knocking on doors and this guy from behind the door was like who is it?  HEy, we are diciples of Jesus Christ...  Then he opened the door and he was completely naked...  Like naked, nude, bare buck naked.  He was older probably about 65 ish or so.  I focused on his face so that I wouldn't just burst out laughing.  He even looked down at himself like three times and never should a hint of embarrassment or shame!  SO yeah we contacted a naked guy (how many missionaries can say that?)  Well after a few words he was like now is not the best time.  We quickly agreed with him and then left!  That was definitely a funny experience!  Also Lurdes didn't get baptised this weekend but we remarked her for next weekend.  She didn't feel worthy enough yet because she didn't completely stop smoking yet.  She is awesome though and has real true desire!  The work is going awesome though, we still feel like we need to be doing a lot better!  We will get better!  I am nervous because all of our current investigators and such are going to be put in my hands because Elder Jacobsen will be leaving next week.  I am nervous I don't want to lose any of them!  With the Lord's help though His work will continue!  We are teaching a couple right Now José and Beátrice.  They had a really busy week this week and weren't able to come to church this week and we were super sad!  This week was defintely a sad week for our investigators and church!  We had 7 people comitted to come and none of them were there!  None!  It was the best week we had done at inviting and comitting people to church and we had the least come with us!  It was sad but we will talk with all of them and see what is up.  So also something fun, today I played soccer with a bunch of members from the ward!  It was awesome one of them is named Gabriel he is sick, we always talk about the NBA becuase he loves basketball.  He is from Brasil and today after we played he said that I played like a brazilian:)  I took that as a prett good compliment.  The language is getting better and better but I still cannot cunderstand a lot of what people are saying.  I can pick out the subject and and from words and body language try and figure out what they are saying but still I need some work!  So something super awesome happened yesterday!  We got to talk to Aniram finally (We tried to talk to him the first week I was here)  We talked about the Book of Mormon and how it blesses lives.  We were going througought the lesson and then We were getting to the end and I felt throughout the lesson that we should do the "convite suave" (smooth invite to baptism "when you know these things to be true will you be baptised?)  Anywho I had been feeling that and then it was confirmed at the end of the lesson when Elder Jacobsen looked at me in silence and I proceeded to do the convite and then after he accepted it!:)  So now we just need to get him to know it!  It is difficult right now because everyone here is taking finals so everyone just wants to study and not meet with us!  Sad because I know that they would be blessed but oh well!  hey everyone needs to go and study this last conference!  I have been reading a bunch of the talks in the Liahona but theya re all amazing!  Go look at the one from Uchtdorf about gratitude!  And the one about the Savior and his Atonement by Elder Scott!  And the Witness by Elder Packer!  Seriously this was an amazing conference that we had!  Oh somethine that my companion showed me that is absolutely amazing is milshake ice cream!  We ate it after planning every night this week!  It is just cereal but you mix up ice cream in the milk before adding the cereal.  AMAZING!!!!!  Anywho I love you all and hope everyone has a great week!:)
Love Elder Brandon Eldredge!

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