Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hey fam! (3/14/2016)

Hey guys!  this week I will be short as I will be with you all soon and next week in honor of my last letter home I will write a better one.  This week I have been learning a lot about using faith to achieve goals!  One of my goals is in these next two week to baptize 2 people!  Many times during the week there have come up obtsacles and trials that I have felt a little discouraged or that I won't be able.  but there were many times where I heard a little voice in my head that said, "How much do you want it".  Or in other words are you willing to continue contacting everyone on the street even though you know 90 percent are going to reject you... are you going to keep thinking of new ways to teach people so they can have more faith and desire to be baptized, are you going to keep al the little rules even though you son't think they have made a big difference, really Elder Eldredge.... How much do you want this?  And are you will to pay the price to get it.  One thing I have learned.  If you aren't willing to pay the price for success, you will pay the price for failure.  Now I don't know how the success will come but I know that Heavenly father will allow me to see miracles in these last weeks if I remain faithful to what I know to be true and right.  It is amazing to see how much a mission can change a person and their attidtudes.  I haved loved every minute of being out here and I will continue to love and work hard for these next 2 weeks.  I love you all and your paryers are very appreciated!  
Have a great week!:)
Elder Eldredge

us with a clown...great guy

me and elder platts in a train station that remeindded us of harry potter

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