Tuesday, December 22, 2015

One more down (11/29/2015)

Hey friends and family!  Hope you all had a wonderful week!  Well today marks the start of a new transfer!  I will be staying here in Gaia but I will be serving with a new companion Elder João he is from an African country called Angola!  It should be really great!  He is a hard worker so that will be good for our area!  Also the sisters area here is getting closed down and so we will be picking up and teaching all of their investigators which will be a big work load but it will make the time go by fast, and I love spending time teaching, definitely my favorite part in missionary work!  Other than transfers nothing too crazy is happened this week!  
One thing that I really liked this week was a lesson that we gave to the priest quorum on sunday at church.  The bishop told us we could teach whatever we felt was right so at night I was thinking about what I could teach and I cam across a talk by Dieter F Uchtdorf called the WHY of Priesthood Service.  I thought perfect!  We had a great lesson with them about the why of the gospel and priesthood.  I told all of them there that the reason I chose that was because if I were a priest again I wish that I would have understood the why a little bit better.  There are whats and whys in the gospel.  We can learn and even do all of the whats in the gospel but when we understand the why of the gospel we will actually desire to do the whats and do them for the right reasons.  The whats can be the commandments, teachings, assignments, and other various things on the average Lds to do list but the why has to do with an eternal perspective of one day dwelling in the prescence of God.  When you understand the real WHY you feel more motiviated and inspired to fulfill the WHAT part.  It reminds me a lot of the talk music of the gospel, we can learn the steps to the dance but if we don't learn to hear the music we may give up dancing and eventually walk away.  I hope you all know WHY you do what you do in the church.  It makes for a lot deeper conversion and a more valiant defender of the faith and if you don't know, find out.  Will a bit of reflexion and pondering and an honest mind you can find you answer and know how to act from there.  I'll say it again if you don't truly know WHY you go to church or pay your tithing or read you scriptures or do home teaching or anything,  Find Out because there is always and eternal reason that when understood and grasped brings us peace and understanding.
I love you all tons!

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