Tuesday, December 22, 2015

November 30, 2015

SO I won't be sending a giant e mail this week:(  I know I just don't have time today but I did learn some big lessons and there were some dang big miracles!  Gloria called us over and sat us down and one thing led to another and we got on the subject of baptism and in tears she said that she will be baptized!  That was an inredible miracle!:)  The only thing is that she didn't say when nor would she accept a date (she is a stinker sometimes;)  BUt I love her to pieces she just told me it would be before I left portugal!;)  So I hope I stay in this area until the end of my mission to be able to be here to watch it all happen!  But for her it was a huge step for sure!  Today is her birthdya so you should tell her happy birthday!  Also don't you worry I went to her house and she came up and was like sorry Elder and she gave me a big hug and I was shocked and then she was like that is from your mom!:)  Haha it was great;)  
Also we had a baptism this week!  We did very little tohelp him.  The sisters area got closed and he was already on track to be baptized!  So we just kind of put the cherry on top but it was great to see for sure:)  I am going strong tell Dad that I love him a lot andI want to see him again and give him a big hug!  tell him we still have a ton of boating trips to do;)  Even if we don't have a boat we will find a way;)  I miss you all can't wait to talk with you guys on Christmas!
Elder Eldredge

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