Monday, September 21, 2015

The gospel changes people

Hey everyone!  We had a very awesome week.  It went by really fast.  Well first we had and awesome birthday party for Ana's (our investigator) daughter Carolina.  She is adorable and we are super friends!  WE got here a little pink stuffed dolphin and she loved it!  Anywho things were going really well at the beginning of the week.  We had challenged both Celia and Ana to stop smoking completely by thursday and they both accepted the challenge!  They are both super awesome and made huge sacrífices to continue progressing!  Then on Thursday came and we shared with them the story of the Anti-nephi-lehites and how they buried their weapons of war to show God and their fellow men that they were leaving their old lives and sins behind and would never go back.  That is exactly what we invited those two to do.  So they both gave us basically everything that had to do with their smoking habits and we then destroyed the material in a very epic and legendary manner:)  Anywho they followed through with everything made sacrífices and wer both baptized into the true church on Saturday and confirmed members on Sunday.  Huge blessings are coming to this branch with more than 10 convert baptisms within the last 2 months.  I am loving this área more and more. 
I want to testify to you all that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only source of everlasting happiness and peace.  People may try to find it alone and they may find rest and contentment in worldy pleasures but the problem with all that is that it ends.  Your testimony you gain in this life and your relationship with the Savior is eternally permanent.  So we need to examine the small things we do.  Are we working on things that are going to last, such as testimony, knowledge, family, and developing Christlike attributes?  Do our actions reflect our words we share in church and the things we claim to really know?  I have seen the gospel change people, I know it can, to all who desire.  Every day is a new day to repent, change, and not fall into the sins and erros of yesterday.

I love you all soooo much!
ELder Eldredge 

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