Monday, September 7, 2015

Do something BOLD!

Hey everyone!  This week has been another great one and we are super tired!  I don't have like any time right now but I will just give a few updates.

We had mission council and transfers this week.  I am going to stay here in Santarem and Elder Gomes went off to Porto.  It was kind of sad we were like brothers but ya know ya gotta move on.  I am serving now with Elder McColley.  We are doing good and we have worked hard this first week!  Celia and Ana weren't baptized this weekend but are both remarked for this weekend so they could all use your prayers:)  
I learned this week that dilligence and sacrifice is necessary at all times even when things are going well.  We can never become content with our "good" circumstances we need to be constantly stiving to endure to the end.  
Also I did something pretty funny this lst week.  So presdient amorim challenged us to do something BOLD.  So I decided one day as I entered into the Bus that was full of people and after the bus was going and every one was sat down I went up to the front with a book of mormon and a picture of the first vision.  I just called everyone's attention and I introduced the 1st vision, bore testimony, and invtied everyone to hear our message.  I was super scared before but then after I felt happy and like....... "I just did that"  Haha I felt like the missionaries of old!  Anywho it was a super fun experience and I jsut wanted to share it!

This is a picture of me and elder mccolley
and my parting picture with gomes
I love you all and wish all a great week!

With love 
Elder Eldredge

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