Monday, September 7, 2015

August 31, 2015

Hey everyone!  This week had its good moments and it's hard ones.  First of all The saddest part of this week was probably Ana.  She was all happy for her baptism and everything she even invited her parents and friends to go but then it was like a bomb exploded with problems and doubts and everything on thursday.  In the end of all the confusion she ended up saying that she wouldn't be baptized this weekend and it would only be this next weekend that is coming.  Then we found out her boyfriend was coming Saturday night to spend some time with her and since then we have not heard from her.  She didn't come to church and is dodging our calls.  It is pretty sad but we will continue with faith!  
On the brighter side of things we had a truly powerful lesson on the plan of salvation this week with our other progressing investigator Celia.  She is marked for this Saturday and we have high hopes!  AS we taught the plan of salvation and specifically the part about the Atonement, tears were shed and testimonies were borne, the Spirit was super strong and I know that Celia felt it.  She has come to church three weeks in a row now and is loving it.  She is struggling with some addictions to tobacco but has reduced dramatically going from 40 cigarettes per day to just 9 in less thatn a week.  Miracles happen!  WE are super happy for her!
Anywho transfers happen this week so we will see what happens!  I think that maybe Elder Gomes will be heading out which is sad we have really come to be like brothers which has been great so it will be sad to leave but hey life goes on.  
Anywho I don't have much more time, sorry it wasn't very inspiring but next week I will be sure to send something better next week!  Love  you all!
Elder Eldredge

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