Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week #2.5 at the MTC (no pictures this week...sadly) Favorite quote of this email "It is so awesome to literally wear the name of the Savior on my chest every single day!:) "

It is so crazy that I am halfway done with my MTC stay which is awesome but at the same time I feel like I still am a baby at Portuguese which scares me cause I only have three more weeks till I get there but it will be alright I think:)  The Lord provides a way!  So yeah with my wart I went to the Doc and he gave me this medicine that I have to put on every day to dry it out and he said it usually works really well and since it doesn't bother me all that much when I am walking I figured it would be fine:)  But it was so weird to hear your voice on the other end of that phone call!  It was crazy!!  It made me want to talk to you all so bad!  Which brings me to say.....  I GET TO CALL ON MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So this Sunday at 2:15 I will be calling so stay close to the phone!  I will probably call the home phone!  So make sure that Chas is over there and stuff for it too:)  That will be totally awesome to hear everybody's voices again!  Gosh I am so looking forward to the Sunday!    But yeah so I went to the doctor and got meds, it was so cool to talk to real people about their own life!!  It made me so excited to be in Portugal and serve those people with everything I have!  I mean we teach a lot in the MTC but our teachers are just acting as investigators and it just is not the same haha!  But yeah it was really refreshing!:)  I am so excited to go and serve!  I have learned so much from being here!  I love being so close to God and feeling the angels that have been sent to protect and help us each and every day!  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!  Normally I wouldn't just talk with everyone while waiting for a Rx at a pharmacy but everytime I see someone I just get this urge to talk with them!  It is so awesome to literally wear the name of the Savior on my chest every single day!:)  I have heard from so many RM's that the worst day is getting released from your mission and you realize the wonderful protections and blessings that you had while you were serving!  This work is so great!  So yeah the only other thing I can think of that I would want from you right now is ust some pictures:)  so yeah,  Other cool thing is that I sat two rows from the from the front while Elder Christoperson spoke to us.  Also there is another GA  that is speaking wiht us tonight!  What a great oppotunity to hear from so many apostles of Jesus Christ in so little time!:)  Not much has changed, it is all pretty much the same old same old now.  The days go by slow but the weeks fly by!  So this Elder in my zone was suppposed to go to Brazil and his visa ha not come through yet so he got reassigned but instead of serving somewhere like out in the states, his reassignment is here at the MTC.  I felt so bad for him so I am praying that he gets his visa!!  Oh lately as a zone leader I have felt kind of like more of a baby sitter haha because there are these three new elders and two of them just but heads all the time and so Me and Elder Casey have been spending a lot of time talking with them and what not so that has been fun to deal with!:)  

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