Thursday, May 29, 2014

His adventure begins!!!

Lots of traveling for Brandon to get to Portugal!!  So Brandon was able to call home from the airport on the first of several stops on his way to Portugal.  Chasity and I were able to talk to hi map for about and hour and a half!! It was great!! He was so excited to get to Portugal.  He first flew to Texas where he was able to call home again and this time all of the kids were home so he got to talk to them as well.  Then he flew on to London!!  He had a 6 hour layover, but it sounded like he spent several hours figuring things out and everything.  He did call from London and talked quickly, because his calling cards weren't working once he got out of the country.  He sounded tired but still in good spirits.  Then I got a quick email from him with the picture of all of the missionaries and his mission president & his wife.  His adventure begins!! :)

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