Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last email from the United States! "Don't ever let yourself get in the way of the Lord. Let him build you into the person that he wants you to be."

Holy cow this will be my last e mail from the United States of America!  What in the world, where did the time go! Seriously I have no idea!  I feel like this time flew by!  I have learned so much though and I am so happy for this wonderful MTC experience!  I have grown so strong spiritually!  I have gained a solid and steadfast personal testimony that I am not sure if I had fully before of this true and pure Gospel we have been so blessed to be a part of!  Something that I have learned this week comes from Helaman 5:12.  My teacher taught me this principle and I tied it in with this scripture.  But Helaman says here that it is in Christ that we must build our foundation.  That is our part to build the foundation. To gain sweet and simple testimony of eternal truths and become converted to him.  When we have a solid foundation instead of us trying to build our own house,  it is much better to step out of the way, swallow your pride and let the Master build your house.  Don't ever let yourself get in the way of the Lord.  Let him build you into the person that he wants you to be.  Be selfless be servants and as you loose yourself in charity for others, the Lord will mold you into the person he wants you to become.  I love that.  It applies so well to missionaries but it also applies to anyone on this Earth.  Just let him in and he will work miracles.  Also this week I have learned a lot about how important members are in our work.  Every member needs to be a missionary, honestly the change that accelerates the success of missionary work doesn't come from the full time missionaries, it comes from the members.  As members have become more involved the work is growing.  Always remember this and don't ever let fear or pride hold you from sharing the gospel.  I challenge all of you to pray for those opportunities and they will come.  Also pray for the courage to share the Gospel when the time comes.  Members are so important.  So important!!!  I love you all and I thank you all so much for the support and love that you have all given me will prayers and other things!:)  You are all so great and I pray the Lord will pour out his blessings on you as you pursue righteous lives:)  It has been hard saying bye to all of my wonderful teachers and leaders here what a blessing it has been to be here at the MTC it is truly a great place to be! Thank you again and I can't wait to tell you about my first week in Portugal!:)  Eu amo voces!!!

Com muito amor

Elder Brandon Eldredge

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