Thursday, July 23, 2015

Miracles ! The baptism of Joaquim

Hey everyone!  One more week here in Santarém.  I am really liking it here.  We have a few members that are willing to work and help us and I am not sure if many of you know what that means to us as missionaries.  It makes all the diference in our lives and the lives of the people that we are teaching.  I will just show an example that is also the miracle of the week.

So this man in our Ward Brother Paulo Guerra is a super awesome guy.  Recent convert in the church with a great testimony and desire.  He felt one day that he needed to invite his friends Joaquim to come to church and also shared with him a few scriptures.  Joaquim was touched and decided to come two sundays ago.  He liked all the meetings and naturally being the good misisonaries that we are;)  Haha we asked him if we could visit him and teach him more during the week.  He accepted but told us.  I don't want you guys to pressure me at all.  I have already seen you guys pressuiring people a lot in the road and I don't want you guys to do that.  SO we assured him we wouldn't pressure him.... too much;)  Haha anywho so we were thinking yeah whatevs we will teach him.  So we went there on Tuesday afternoon and had a great conversation on the Restoration of the Gospel and in the end he accepted quickly to be baptized on the 18th of the month.  SO a few days pass and me and Elder Gomes had a lot of meetings and zone leader stuff to do which made it so we only had about 2.5 days to work in our area this last week. we came back on thursday just in time for our weekly branch activity.  Joaquim showed up and so we took advatnge and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ during the activity.  After the lesson we were walking through the hall and Elder Gomes asks him.  Joaquim... waht is holding you back form being baptized this Sunday.  Joaquim really didn't have an answer and realized that he realy didn't have any reason to wait another week.  He already a a great faith and so he decided to be baptized on Sunday night.  Obviously we didn't want to hold him back so we went ahead and baptized him yesterday!  This was definitely the fastest I have seen someone accept our message and put their  faith in action!  Joaquim is a great man that will be able to help the body of the Priesthood here in Satarém.  
The funny thing is this case was a lot different than I am used to.  There were very few difficulties.  Almost none.  That like never happens in misisonary work!  I think it is simply because the quality of Faith that Joaquim had and his sensibility to the Spirit.  So it can happen, baptism a week after knowing about the church for the first time in your life.  This was truly a blessing of the Lord that fell into our hands, and it all happened because one faithful member of the church opened his mouth and showed his love for his friend by extending and invitiation.
I know that the Lord prepares people and work through his favortie tools (faithul and obedient members) to bring about miracles.  I am greatful to have been apart of this one.  
The church is true, This work is of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I have seen many proofs of this.
Also if you want something interesting to study that I learned this week.  Study the difference between knowledge and understanding and which is of more value.

I love you all so much thank you for all the support and love!
COm muito amor de Siãotarém
Elder Eldredge

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