Friday, June 19, 2015

June. 8, 2015

Hey there yeah that vacation looked super duper awesome!  I also went to a cool dolphin show last week so we were doing some similar things!  Haha BUt thank you tons for all the pictures!  LOVED THEM!!!!!!!   Man that sounds awesome!:)  About the birthday package, so we just had transfers and I will be serving in the Portugal Porto, mission!  So the address of the mission home and address will change I will give that info to you as soon as I know!:)  But yeah I left Costa and I am now in Santarém serving with Elder Gomes.  He is brazilian and has lived in porgtugal for about 5 years.  Doesn't speak much english so I will be doing an english fast for a while!:)  Also me and Elder Gomes are the zone leaders.  I was very shocked and I still feel a bit inadequate but with time I know it will all be alright.  I feel brand new again!  It will be a whole new adventure!  Thank you so much for the prayers of support!  I am definitely going to be needing them this transfer as a new zone leader! 
I will definetly remember my little buddy cade in every prayer!  He is awesome I know he will be alright:)  
But anywho thanks for the reporot on the vacay!  I will be stoked when I get back to do fun stuff with you guys again!  especially WAKEBOARDING:)!!!  Haha I love you tons momma and miss ya a bunch!:) OH and tell cami I got her little report thing and I thought it was awesome!
Thank you mom!:)
Elder B:)

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