Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 1 email

Hey friends and family!  Again I am really sorry but my time is very limited here again on email.  We have been doing a ton of stuff for p day lately!  today we went to the zoo and saw and aesome dolphin show!!  And next week it is possible that I will be transfered so I might not get much time there either.... sorrrryyy:(
BUt just to let you guys all know we have been having a decent time here in Costa, we still haven't baptized anyone which is hard on me sometimes because I really want to 1.  Give Elder bennett that awesome experience and 2. To strenghten the ward here and 3. Fulfill better my purpose as a missionary.  But we will keep trying and hope that miracles happen here soon!  We need a lot of faith and hard work, but if we trust truly in God things will happen as they should.  I know that to be true.
We made some proigress with flavios dad, he said that flavio will be baptized but doens't know when.  he said it would be soon but the biggest concern is the wife that is living in Angola right now and also he wants to be at the baptism so flavio will proabably be baptized in mid june it is looking like,  I don't know if i will be here but at least we had prgoress!!!:)

I love you all and hope you all have a if un wek I will wiriet more next week!

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