Monday, March 2, 2015

One more week of struggles & miracles!

Hey everybody!  One more week of struggles and miracles!  Really being on a mission is the best place to be!  Me and Elder Schroeder talk sometimes and how he is going home in two weeks.  Someimtes I feel jealous but also I have heard that after about a week or so of being home you want to go back!  So I definitely want to take advatage of it while I am here and have this wonderful opporutinty to change and be perfected through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I don't have much time (what else is new) but I just wanted to share two things!
Always smile.  Always,  this week in sacrament meeting 

as our ward members took turns bearing their testimonies, I waited till there was a break and I decided to go up without thinking beforehand of a topic or experience I would share.  When I was up there I felt impressed to share the importance of being happy and especially smiling even when you don't want to using the frase "basta ter um sorriso"  or basically you just have to smile:)  As I bore testimony I noticed a woman in the back of the room light up as I testified and it made me even happier.  After I sat down in a few moments of silence I heard to footsteps and turned to see it was her walking up the pulpit.  She started by saying how she had been in a depressing stage for quite sometime and couldn't figure out why.  But she said as she heard my testimony it gave her a light in her heart and brought a long needed smile to her face and gave her the will to bear her testimony that day.  My eyes filled with tears as I witnessed once more the little tender mercies of the Lord in our lives that fill the soul with happieness and joy.  The Lord knows his sheep.
Second miracle that I recieved word today that Antonio (beatriz's husband from my last area) asked Elder Ricci if he would baptize him.  The spirit that filled my heart when I read those words was unexplainable.  The Lord knows us and no effort in a good cause goes to waste.  I am so happy to be a part of this marvelous work!  I don't know where I would be with out it!  I love you all so much and remember that God loves each and every one of you.  Pray to him, he is waiting.
Be good and happy everyone!:)
With love
Elder Eldredge:)

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