Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekly Miracles!!

Hello everyone well this week I truly felt the spirit testify to my heart of the truthfulness and power of our message and our purpose here as missionaries.  I receive this actually through the experience told by a few of our investigators as the Spirit witnesses to both of them in powerful ways.  Luisa and Biatriz are two moms of very beutiful families.  Biatriz is about 35 and Luisa is about 40ish we started teaching luisa who later brought her friend over Biatriz to attend our lessons which was awesome.  (I love it when investigators do missionary work!)  Luisa was always vey receptive and open to hear our lessons and accept our commitments.  Biatriz although very nice and liked us a big amount did not really feel like she was ready to change her beliefs but she also was happy to read from the book of mormon and pray.  We had been teaching them for about two months every few days or so but this last week was amazing.  Biatriz was talking and said I have to tell you something Elders... tears began to fall from her eyes and from mine as she began to explain to us her powerful experience with the Spirit that truly touched her burned within her heart.  Filling her with the goodness of the Gospel, touching her in a way that she described she has never felt before and that all she wanted to do was to share this with others.  The Spirit filled the room as our member embraced her with a giant smile and also with tears.  As Biatriz came around and was able to talk again we we talking to Luisa about baptism and challenged her to be baptized.  She talked about how every page she has read something has told her that she needs to be baptized, just as Elder Ricci was mid sentence of giving luisa a baptism date, Biatriz interupted and said the words that I have been longing so much to hear... Luisa, Elders, I want to be baptized.  Tears once again fell from my eyes as the Spirit testified of the truthfulness of it all.  Of the Saviors sacrifice, of he amazing Atonement, of His restored gospel here on the earth today, of the power of the book of mormon,  it was all manifiested once again to me in that very moment so powerfully but yet so softly and sweet.  Luisa and Biatriz are both marked to be baptized on the 6th of December.  They both have beautiful families that will also be wonderfully blessed by their decision.  
My friends, God is a God of mircales, He can soften hearts of stone, lift fallen spirits, and heal our troubled hearts.  This mission is the most important thing that I could be doing right now.  It is changing me in ways I don't have words to explain.  Being apart of this is such a privilege and I would not choose to be anywhere else.  I love the Lord.  I love this work.  I love all of you so much.  you are in my prayers to be happy supported through your trials and doubts.  You have a Father in Heaven and a Savior Jesus Christ.  What reason do we not have to rejoice.  Have a wonderful week and be happy cheerful and be sure to be especially "grateful!"
Com muito amor 
Elder Eldredge

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