Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Brandon's MTC adventures


  1. So I am not very good at this blog thing...but hopefully I will get better. Here are a couple of pictures Brandon sent from the MTC. I will attempt to add his letter...

  2. Tudo Bem?? yeah I am pumped right now. I sent you guys a letter and just in case you didn't get it you can contact me any day of the week through at least while I am in the MTC. It is great here but the hardest thing I think I hav eever done! First day my teachers spoke nothing but Portuguese and it was hard and on the third day me and Elder Casey ( my companion) had to teach two lessons in Portuguese and so far we have taught 6 lessons. It has been great I don;t have a ton of time for e mail so I am sorry if it is short, but something I really want is like some hard copies of pictures of our family cause I didn't bring any:( So my first sunday here was easter and president Uchdorf came and spoke to us. It was awesome and after he walked right in front of us as we was leaving and waved and said hi I didn't get to shake his hand but it was alright, he saw me:) Um what what else.... oh we have a ton of candy cause all the Elders got Easter packages so don't worry about that but I lvoed that package:) made my whole day:) here are some pictures of my zone and stuff:) and a great missionary Selfie. Like I said this is the hardest thing I have ever done w but there is a reason. The reason is bringing the work of Salvation to all men was not easy for the Savior and proabbly the hardest thing anyone ever had to do, so it would make sense that we have to strufggle a bit and shed a few tears because that is what the Savior Jesus Christ had to do. I love this work and teaching is Portuguese hard and challeging but that is what language the Lord wants me to preach in so I know from 1 Nefi 3:7 that he will provide a way for me to learn it. But yeah it has been great and I know I forgetting something but here are some pictures and things for you guys and I am sure that my whole "blog" thing won't be interesting enough to post on until I am out in the fireld but that is alright haha. Make sure to tell everyone that I love them and miss them all! I can feel all of your prayers strengthening me each and every day. I end off with a funny story. me and Elder Casey were practicing a discusison and he tried to tell the teacher that we a good and we are his children but instead of saying Nos somos Seus filhos, he said Nos somos teus filhos which means we are your children. We all had a good laugh about it!! it really fells like forver ago that you dropped me off but at the same time I can't believe I have been here almost a week! only 5 to go!!!! But yeah I love hearing from you all! I love you guys!!! miss you!!
    Com Muito Amor